The service at Global Auto Repair involves researching for the highest quality of parts, at the best price, and consulting our team for the most effective route in saving the customer labor costs.


For those vehicle owners who expect the highest standards of workmanship, honest service, reliable quality-control, and the best customer service. Our goal is to reach beyond your expectations, and assure you that you have received the best value for your money. We feel it's what you expect and deserve. We offer the latest state-of-the-art technology in diagnostic scanning, experienced technicians, quality cost-effective parts, guaranteed work, and an old-fashion valuable handshake. Receiving your 5 star ratings, or to know that you have recommended us, is the greatest compliment for our service. 


Established in 2017.


Founder and Principal Manager -Steve Bautista, defines his reason for the development  of Global Auto Repair Transmission Specialists as: "After years of experience in working for large franchise transmission and automotive shops, I decided to open my own shop at the age of 27. I strongly felt that I could operate the most reliable and most recommended shop by simply offering the highest standards of quality control, reliable workmanship, honest service, and personalized options for each individual customer in order to seek the best possible resolution to their automotive need. EVERY option is to be researched.


Honesty & Quality

Promoting Today’s Automotive Technology with the

Value of Yesterday’s Handshake.

Whether it’s a referral, or a handshake, in the tradition from how business was conducted back-in-the-day, or in today’s internet reviews & ratings, it’s all the same respect for us: Honesty & Quality.


Our Mission as a team:

GIVE quality work with great customer service.

LEARN continuously: the trends, bulletins, updates, and technology of our automotive industry.

OPTIONS are communicated to the client, by educating them of their service or repair, to ensure the proper recommended services

Best in collaborating with team members, building business relationships, and development.

A+ Ratings, Reviews, and Referrals, is what we strive for in the results of our skills, experience and passion.

Live in the moment, take pride in our work, enjoy our customers while working at Global Auto Repair!


At GLOBAL AUTO REPAIR, our growth will rely on our team building by: Training, Recognition, Promotion, Education, Respect, and applied Business Ethics.

We are working as one unit for a secure financial future for our team members. Global Auto Repair believes that our success as a business can only be achieved by the individual success of each team member, strengthening the foundation, growth, and comfort of our establishment; and by earning the ‘trust’ of each satisfied customer.

Meet the manager

After serving the Santa Clara County in California for 24 years with automotive services, the passion for my trade of work finds me here in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is where I would often visit when I took a weekend off from work in California. Many times, this question was often presented to me:

"Why don't you open a shop here in Las Vegas? We need a good honest mechanic."

Las Vegas is now my hometown, where I live, enjoy networking, and work hard in my trade for the families, businesses, and communities of Clark County. I have a passion for what I do, and I am here to stay."

- Steve Bautista



For those customers who expect the highest standards of workmanship, honest service, reliable quality control and the best customer service, our goal is to reach beyond your expectations and assure you that you have received the best value for your money. We feel it’s what you expect and deserve.

We work very hard not to put-off for tomorrow what we can do today.

Our pride and goal is to receive the compliment that you have referred us to someone you know, or recommend us with your review & ratings.

The members and employees of GLOBAL AUTO REPAIR are extraordinary people who take pride in their performing their individual quality work, skills, experience, and amazing talents. Not only standing behind their work, they also stand behind the work of their peers. Each employee in collaborating with their team; represents the quality, the reputation, the morals, values, mission, and the integrity of GLOBAL AUTO REPAIR.

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